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[ Logo in late January and bookmarked them to take a closer look. I thought the service could come in handy for me to send files to clients and more importantly as a way for clients to send me files since there is always something that is to large to be sent by email.

I have only started to look through all of the features of but I can see the possibilities of using it. I created a shared folder and uploaded the free LGR WordPress Themes. I had no problem uploading, which was a pleasant surprise considering I often have problems uploading things to sites like this. Usually because I am using Ubuntu Linux instead of Windows. This time no problem. Once you create a folder you can create a widget and embed it on a website to share the files with whoever can access that site. Here is the widget for the LGR WordPress Themes. also has what they call “OpenBox Sevices”. These are sites that you can easily share your files with. Ones that I noticed that I could see using are Twitter, Snipshot, Scribd, Facebook and Blog Posting. I could see me using to post to a file to a blog or to Facebook for my friends and family. Here is the test I did to Twitter ( Neat, makes it very easy to share with people. Because accepts all kinds of files from Word Processing documents, video, photos pretty much anything, I can see how it would be useful to make sure you have access to the files you need no matter where you are.

I can see me using for sharing files with people and to make sure I have access to files that I know I will need when I am going to work on a clients office. I don’t think it will replace my Mozy for backing up. I can also see being very useful for my clients to send me files that are to large to email.

Go and check out They are offering a free 14 day trial to try them out. I think I will be subscribing after my trial runs out.

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