Friend Connect Social Bar

Thanks to a post over at TechCrunch I heard that Google Friend Connect has released a new social bar that you can add to your website. The social bar adds several of the Google Friend Connect widgets in a nice little strip that you can add to the top or bottom of your website.

Things that you can include are the:

  • Visitors can join your site or if they are logged in they can see their identity, and edit their profiles and settings.
  • There is an activity stream with the latest activity happening on the site.
  • You can include the wall gadget to let visitors add comments and read other comments.
  • The bar also allows easy access to see who else has also joined your site.

I was not really happy with the sidebar gadgets here, so I thought I would give the Google Friend Connect Social Bar a try. I like the fact that it can be placed either at the top or the bottom of the page. It actually appears to be more noticeable than the sidebar gadgets. You are welcome to join and leave a comment or leave a comment here about what you think of Google Friend Connect.

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