Goodbye Epiblogger

It was just over a year ago when Rhett and I launched Epiblogger. We had high hopes of changing blogging for the better by calling bloggers back to being better bloggers by being organic and personal. With the start of 2009 Rhett and I have decided to close Epiblogger and move our posts to our own respective blogs with redirects from Epiblogger to the new post URL’s. I have tagged all of my Epiblogger posts that I have imported from Epiblogger so a part of Epiblogger will live on here. If you are interested in reading the posts I wrote at Epiblogger here is a list of all the posts I wrote:

I hope that you enjoy these posts and find them useful. I enjoyed working with Rhett on Epiblogger as we explored organic blogging. I am sure Rhett and I will continue to read each other’s blog and partner at some point again in the future.

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