Google Analytics Exporting Guide

If you have been using Google Analytics to track your website usage and have historical data you want to keep you might want to put this on your to-do list in the New Year. As you may know Google Analytics will stop processing new data effective July 1, 2023 and you will need to move your statistics collection to Google Analytics 4 before then, or perhaps you might want to start looking at other statistics services.

Since July is such an odd month to switch data collection over you might want to get setup on Google Analytics 4 before the New Year so you can start collecting data there and once January comes you can start exporting historical data from Google Analytics into CSV or Google Sheets so you can then create reports using a tool such as Looker Studio (Datastudio) or some other tool like AirTable does something similar.

If you are looking for some help on how to export your data from Google Analytics I found this helpful post, the Ambitious Guide on How You Can Export Google Analytics Data. Unfortunately there does not look like there is a way to export it all. You will have to decide what historical data you want to retain and manually export it and possibly combine so you can use it.

It is unfortunate that Google once again is shutting down a well loved service and making it difficult to get all your data out. While I have already moved to Google Analytics 4 I know I will be looking at other alternatives in the near future since Google Analytics 4 is really not very end user friendly.

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