Google Browser Sync for Firefox

I don’t know when Google came out with this extension for Firefox, but it sure is handy. I have several computers, and I like to have the browsers all identical. I was using Foxmarks which works great, but there was no easy way to sync up passwords, tabs and cookies. Google Browser Sync for Firefox takes care of all of them for you. So far I have been using it on three computers and they have all stayed in sync. The only downside I have noticed so far is I am often being asked to restore the set of tabs that I was using on the other computer. A minor annoyance. There is also the fact that you will be sharing this data with Google, so if you are paranoid in any way shape or form you might want to not try it out.

If you don’t mind letting Google know even more about you and you still want to try it out take a look at the official Google Browser Sync for Firefox web page. You will need a Google account to activate it so if you don’t have one you will need to sign up for one of those as well.

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