Google Censorship - Time to Try Yahoo Search

Like a lot of people that use Firefox I tend to just use the default search box in the top right of Firefox to search the web. The default search engine is set to Google, and I have not really had any problems with that, until recently.

While I am not a huge fan or reader of John Chow, I do occasionally like to pop in on his site to see what he is being paid to write about. Of course doing a search in Google for John Chow is useless because Google has declared that John Chow’s blog should no longer be in the index.

Yahoo SearchWhy does any of this matter? Well, I don’t like the idea of Google censoring search results. How many other searches are they hand editing and censoring because they don’t like how the webmaster monetizes their website? How long before they censor sites that question them, like Aaron Wall’s SEOBook blog?

As a user I have choices. I can choose to use Google or not use Google, so for the next couple of weeks I have switched my default search engine in Firefox to Yahoo Search. In the little searching I have already done today, I can say that I have found the information I was looking for, including John Chow’s blog.

What do others think of the way Google treats their search results? Do people find Yahoo’s search results relevant for the searches you perform?

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