Google PageRank Update - Time to Move On

Well Google finally updated the public PageRank and there have been a number of big name bloggers and websites that have been slapped with a drop in PageRank. I won’t regurgitate the whole nasty mess, a good read about it all is over on Andy Beard’s blog post Digg Favorites Slapped By Google. It looks like my little place on the web has so far escaped the wrath of Google, and heck makes me look pretty good since some of those big names got knocked down to a PageRank of 4, the same as here.

It is time for Google to drop the public PageRank. People used to buy and sell links for the advertising and traffic it used to bring. Google then came along and provided webmasters with some arbitrary number that they could use to help sell those links. If Google wants to stop people selling links for PageRank, the solution is for Google to stop telling us what the PageRank is. There will be a lot of webmasters and bloggers that would be upset about that, but they would get over it.

Google needs to stop trying to get webmasters to fix their algorithm problems with paid links and nofollow and find a way to fix it themselves.

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