My Google Wish List

I use several of Google’s applications everyday and there are some things that I with they would add. So in no particular order here is my wishlist of things I would like to see added/changed in Google for 2009.

Export Data into Google Docs

Exporting data in Google Analytics. Where is Google Docs?
Exporting data in Google Analytics. Where is Google Docs?
I like Google Docs. It makes it easy to have the latest spreadsheets and documents that I am working on in Google Docs. The problem is I also use AdSense, AdWords, AdManager and Analytics. They all offer the ability to export data but not one of them offers me the option to export data to Google Docs? GMail will allow me to export attachments into Google Docs, but nothing else. If I had the option to export into Google Docs I would use it more, instead I download the export file and do what I need to do in my spreadsheet. Want me to use Google Docs more, make it easier for me to get the data in.

FeedBurner Stats in Google Analytics

Google bought FeedBurner long enough ago that this should be possible. Update Jan. 17, 2009 - Logged into Feedburner today and got a message that Feedburner accounts and feeds were being moved to Google.

Chrome for Linux

I heard this was coming and it would be nice to have a version that worked on Linux. I use Chrome occasionally on the Windows machine here at home. It runs well and is fast. It would be great if it has support for addons like Firefox as well. And don’t forget support for 64bit Linux!

Google Calendar Syncing

I use Google Calendar. My wife uses her Palm calendar and syncs it with an older version of Outlook. I have not found a way to sync the older version of Outlook with a Google Calendar and no way to directly sync a Palm to a Google Calendar.

Native Linux version of Picasa

The wine based version does not cut it. Make a native Linux version please and again don’t forget the 64bit version. Update: Apparently there is a native Linux version. Trying it out now. I stand corrected. See comment below.

Google Gears on Linux 64bit

Starting to notice a trend? I use 64bit Linux on my main desktop but sadly Gears only works on 32bit Linux.

Google Search Wiki Off Button

I don’t mind the new Google Search Wiki, but I have to agree with TechCrunch, an off button would be nice.

Report Spam Button

Google Webmaster Tools has a report spam section that let’s you submit a report that there is spam in the index. The only problem is it is incredibly inconvenient to report spam this way. Move the report spam feature to the search results, where most of the data already is. You could place the button right beside the Remove button in search wiki. If they are serious about removing spam from the index they need to make it easier to report.

Video Chat in Linux.

And don’t forget the 64bit version!

Intergrate Google Reader in GMail

I realize I can do this in iGoogle, but I don’t sit with iGoogle open most of the day. Perhaps I will have to make a change and use iGoogle instead.

Allow Mulitple Logins

I use GMail for my email but several of my clients have Blogger blogs, seperate AdSense, AdWords and Analytics accounts. I can’t login into their accounts to work on their blogs etc without being logged out of mine. I have been opening two different browsers and working that way but allowing multiple logins would be nice.

OpenSocial Gadgets to Work with FriendConnect

It is great the Google announced that you can add a social playlist to FriendConnect but there needs to be an official OpenSocial gadget directory with gadgets that work with FriendConnect. Add to that a way to login to comment on blogs with the Google login similar to Facebook connect needs to be done. The fact that you can do that with Facebook already leaves FriendConnect behind.

This list has gotten longer than I thought it would be. What would you add or change with Google in 2009?

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