Google's Staff Has Had a Few Too Many Special Brownies

For everyone that might be following the controversy about Google punishing websites for selling paid links you need to read “NoFollow is for Blog Spam…no Paid Text Links, wait…Paid Ads…Aww Heck, Just Stop Linking and Let Calacanis Decide the Rankings” series by Jennifer Laycock over at Search Engine Guide.

  • Part One: The Evolution of NoFollow
  • Part Two: But Yahoo Reviews the Sites! You Do To? Oh, Umm…Yeah, That’s Different Though!
  • Part Three: The FUD Effect

She has voiced a lot of what I have been thinking about Google the last few days. I will have to make sure to read part four.

My favorite quote from part three:

On the other hand, Google’s staff has had a few too many special brownies if they don’t think penalizing sites will send buyers and sellers deep underground even more rapidly.

Maybe we should start a boycott Google day? There are other boycott days where you are not suppose to drive your car, or use the computer. Perhaps if we could all get together for one day and not use Google for search, turn off the Adwords ads, remove the Adsense ads, etc etc then maybe Google would get the hint. And no I have not had any special brownies, just a beer.

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