Halloween 2008

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that everyone is having a spooky time today! It has been a busy week or so around here and I have been busy carving pumpkins for my kids. I am not exactly an artist when it comes to carving pumpkins but with a little help from the Disney website I was able to find a stencil to create the Little Mermaid carving for my daughter.

My son wanted Wall-E on his pumpkin, unfortunately Disney was not much help this time. I tried searching for a Wall-E stencil on the Internet but the designs were simply to complicated for me. I tried a Google image search and with a little creativity I was able to come up with a simply stencil for Wall-E for my son’s pumpkin. Wall-E actually glows a little bit, although you can’t really see it in the photo. The section on Wall-E where he compacts trash is a little thinner and glows a different colour.

What did you carve on your pumpkin this year?

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