Happy Easter!

Found at: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/833762Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are all having a great day! It is still snowy here but spring is around the corner.

With the spring just around the corner I decided to change the theme here on LGR Webmaster Blog. I wanted to start using a theme that was widget enabled and was very clean. I also knew I did not have time to create my own, luckily I came across the Upstart Blogger Minim and with a few modifications uploaded it the other day. There are some other changes I want to make but it will do until I get a little more time this week or next. If you notice something not quite right let me know. There is always something that breaks when you change things around it seems.

I also added a couple of RSS widgets on the middle column. One is my Twitter feed, so you can see my latest tweets. Always glad to have more people follow me on Twitter. I usually follow back (I only speak/read English so if you Tweet in a language other than English I won’t follow back. Sorry).

I also added the latest posts from Epiblogger, the team blog I post on about blogging. I post the majority of my thoughts and ideas about WordPress and blogging in general on Epiblogger. We will be launching a free ebook soon for RSS subscribers, so if you want first dibs on the ebook go and subscribe to the Epiblogger RSS feed. Epiblogger will help you to become a better blogger so if you are interested in blogging at all you should check it out.

I have also added Project Wonderful Advertising. I tried Project Wonderful advertising on another website earlier. It was not very successful on that site, but it was not a blog. To be fair I thought I should try it on a blog and see how it performs, since many of the sites already on the network are other blogs. It is still fairly inexpensive to advertise here so if you would like to advertise on the LGR Webmaster Blog check out the advertising page on Project Wonderful. I will have a review of my experiences of Project Wonderful in a little while so look for that.

Again Happy Easter! Hope you are relaxing and taking it easy!

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