How to Avoid the RIAA - Use Royalty Free Music

With the popularity of online video there has been a rise in the need for royalty free music to use in videos. Using music from your favorite band or artists can lead to your video being removed from video sharing sites, such as YouTube, for copywrite infringment. While I have several thoughts on what I think the RIAA can do with those DMCA notices they send to YouTube, I will leave that for another time and place. To avoid all of that hassle why not just use royalty free music in your videos.

freeplay.jpg is a great place to go looking for some music for a project. They have a huge selection for every kind of project you might have and music is grouped by CD, style and feel so you have several ways to start your search for the perfect sound track.

One of the things I like best about Freeplay is that tracks are available in various lengths. It makes it a lot easier to find a music track and not have to do a great deal of editing to make the music fit the video or pictures. You can also download tracks in either MP3 or AAC format for use on your computer so you have some choice. I have seen some sites where the only option to download was a Windows Media Format.

Next time you need a music track for that personal project take a look at Freeplay and avoid all of the hassles that could come as a result of using music from your favorite artist. If you know of other websites that are similar to Freeplay please let me know. I always like to have new resources available.

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