How to Thank Stumblers?

I have been enjoying a continual Stumble the last week or so and it has been great to see the number of readers that keep coming in through StumbleUpon. I know a person should not spend a lot of time on their stats but it is fun to watch the traffic spike. All of the Stumbles has me wondering about how to say a simple “Thanks” to all the people that review and give a “Thumbs Up” on posts.

Caroline Middlebrook’s post ”Do You Thank Your Stumblers?” was an interesting read but to be honest I don’t like the idea of sending people a message thanking them. I know I get a few of those emails from people and I often get annoyed by them. I don’t want people to consider me a spammer. Not to mention the thought of going through the lists of Stumblers that “Thumbed Up” a post sounds like it would take a lot of time.

I also came across this post ”The Best Method To Thank Your Blog’s Stumbler Is” on CompuWorld where they have created a post linking out to the stumblers that have “Thumbed Up” posts on the blog. That is a nice thought, since everyone can use some more link love, plus it does not fill up a persons inbox or get annoying. It does take time to write the post and that is one thing that I have very little of. Not to mention all a Stumbler has to do to get link love from my blog is leave a comment, since I remove no follow from comments already.

Instead of creating custom posts to give link love to Stumblers, or filling up inboxes here are a couple of ways I can think of to thank Stumblers:

  • “Thumbs Up” their website as well. Tell them you appreciate them and their hard work the same way they have said it to you. If they don’t have a website “Thumbs Up” their profile.
  • Review and submit another post from their website.
  • Add them as a friend.
  • If you use other social media websites submit the post there. Digg, Sphere etc etc.

Do you thank Stumblers? If you do how?


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