Inspiration Bit Group Writing Project

A little while ago I wrote a post about what inspires me to run this blog and submitted it to the Inspiration Bit group writing project. If you need to take a break from being a webmaster and need some inspiration read through the list of entries. There are some great posts about what inspires people.

You can see the official post over at Inspiration Bit or look below at all of the entries.

  1. 5 Sources Of Inspiration in Photography by Brian AuerInspired by accomplishments of mankind (skyscrapers, bridges), beauty of nature, other photographers, challenges (photography contests, setting restrictions to get unconventional), children.

  2. Seeing Life Through The Eyes Of Inspiration by Andrew RickmannInspired by music, art, problem solving and understanding, newness, progression, desire to be able to contribute.

  3. Sources Of Inspiration For Your Blog by Simonne MatthewInspired by internal dialogue (”shift your attention towards your mind”), surmounted challenges, poetry, love, children, interaction.

  4. Inspiration For Blogging by Ronald HuerecaInspired and motivated by conversation, by readers who encourage to keep going, “stay opinionated and frank”.

  5. Webmaster Blog Inspiration by Lee RobertsonInspiration for blogging is to share ideas, knowledge and “help others with their websites and blogs”.

  6. Reliable Sources Of Inspiration for Inspiration Bit by VivienRelying on Sleeping Kingdom to sort the ideas and create a clear picture, find a perfect solution. Motivated by the child to boost the confidence and get re-charged.

  7. Inspiration For Design And Advertising by TaraGet inspired by word association and playing on words, find ideas in images, look “at something in a different way”, using metaphors.

  8. Finding Inspiration At The Top Of A Ladder by RoryAllow the mind to “freely to wander”, relax in the bath, until Eureka! hits you, just “don’t forget to take your notebook” everywhere you go.

  9. Frustration Is A Source of Inspiration by BesFrustration results in a lot of thinking, inspiring the thoughts of reason to shape up the blog.

  10. Graphic Designer’s Snapshots of Inspiration by Lauren KrauseKeep a design scrapbook, discover antique shops, clear your mind with yoga, think outside the box and brainstorm.

  11. Sources Of Inspiration For A Young Blogger by Shankar GaneshInspired by people and personalities, dreams and quotes.

  12. Get your creativity back: the old fashion way by MirkoClean up your working space, go jogging, go for a drink with your friends, be happy.

  13. Storyteller’s Muse by ShellyDon’t force the Muse but entice her by having a set of “prompt cards”, reading, doing something mindless. Make a date with yourself - just You and your Muse.

  14. What Inspires A Graphic Designer by David AireyInspired by the environment (”every visual object can be interpreted into graphic design”), people of the world, the design process from start to finish.

  15. Defining Inspiration by Jenny MCBFigure out what you want to do and then do it, be ready to make changes in your life. “Inspiration comes from within”.

  16. Sources Of Inspiration for Observers by PearlInspired by good music, reading how others achieved access, overcame an obstacle, Rudyard Kipling’s poem “IF”.

  17. A Tribute To All Mothers by JacklynInspired, encouraged and motivated by mother’s precious love.

  18. Teaching, Inspiration, and Rock‘n Roll by Damien RileyFocus on the things that you “truly enjoy: guitar, art, poetry, reading, songwriting, nature” and bridge your passions with others.

  19. Sources Of Inspiration From DailyBlogTips - interview with Daniel Scocco“Keep your radar on through out the day”, carry a notebook everywhere you go, learn how to identify all those sources of inspiration that surround us.

  20. Inspiration From Your Future Self by Kate Hudson“I want my future self to look back and smile, knowing it was worth it”. Inspired by exciting lives of older people who traveled the world, took chances and had fun “along their journey”.

  21. The Roots Of Inspiration by Isabella MoriEverything is connected and becomes a source of inspiration. It’s all about “being willing to make connections”. Serendipity is a big part of inspiration.

  22. Please God, Bless The Mess by Rosemarie“Writing is my calling”. Sharing with others experiences, losses and successes.

  23. Inspired To Write by MarciaInspiration comes from “internal conversation”. Tune into that conversation to see if it’s inspiring “enough to bring that conversation out”.

  24. Inspired By One Minute Miracle by Lewis BassInspired by quick thoughts or quotes, great outdoors, helping other, by feeling the presence of the Creator.

  25. Motivation And Inspiration for A Hobbyist by JoeyInspired by interaction with readers, desire to be helpful and informative, “desire to help perpetuate baseball card collecting”.

  26. Postcards Of Inspiration by PaulieDigital photography as a hobby, walking, hiking and writing about the personal experience.

  27. The Little Successes Along The Way by Carolyn ManningInspiration comes from “the incomparable satisfaction waiting at the end of each small task”.

  28. The Really Simple Domino Effect by HamelifeInspired by Other People’s Blogs. “Something you read can flick the switch in your mind - one thought can lead to another - and a new article is born. Clickety, clickety, clickety…”

  29. Questioning Inspiration by Nanny MollyHave a “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” attitude in life, deny the existence of stress and passionless mood.

  30. Inspiration or Despair That is the Question by JoeyFind inspiration from others, from their encouragement and faith in you, from their support.

  31. Sources Of Inspiration For Writing by Yvonne RussellInspired by people, by quiet achievers, by family, by the learning, “by the wonder of the interactive blogosphere”.

  32. Life on Hysteria Lane by The Rock ChickInspiration that derives “from listening to and observing other people”. Get a cure for your creative block by spending “five minutes max in any public place”.

  33. Inspired By People by Jacob ShareInspired by five influential bloggers who have insight, attitude, motivational skills, expertise and dedication.

  34. They Showed Me How To Find Release by CarolynInspired by the person “who succumbed to an addiction, found release, and works through varying degrees of daily struggle toward another victory”.

  35. Crazy Wisdom Inspiration by PammInspired by Death. “Because Death gently and lovingly reminds me of Life. Life Right Now.”

  36. Sources Of Inspiration For Life and Blogging by Dj FlushInspired by colors, love, technology, paranormality, life and death.

  37. What Inspires A Poet by ebele (via email)

    What inspires me? Creativity. It’s my No1 religion. It has saved me MANY times - whether it’s writing a poem, taking a picture or painting - doesn’t matter how ‘good’ it is. Recently, I had a lot on my mind, was feeling extremely frustrated, couldn’t sleep, refused to sleep - at 3am, I turned my back on my computer (which was also playing up, by the way), sat down on the floor & started drawing with colouring pencils. 5 minutes into it, the stress had lifted.

    Creativity & being creative is my life-blood. I don’t know who or where I’d be without it.

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