Internet Explorer - How I Loath Thee!

I have been back for just over a week now from a great week off up at Waskesui, in Prince Albert National Park.

In the week I have been back I have been busy doing a redesign of a website for a client. The redesign is going well but there have been some problems with Internet Explorer. While the problems have not been unsurmountable yet, it did get me started on my list of reasons why I hate Internet Explorer.

PNG Alpha Transparancy

Sure Internet Explorer 7 has it, but there are tons of people out there on Windows 2000 and Windows 98 still, not to mention those that just never upgrade there computers. Have you ever tried to update a Windows XP computer on dialup? I did not think so, and I doubt Microsoft ever has either.

Box Model

I really hate hacks to fix the Internet Explorer box model.

Disappearing Floats

Why does that image keep disappearing?


People should not have to worry about misspelling Google.

CSS Support Incomplete

While I try not to do fancy things with CSS, I just wish Internet Explorer supported some more CSS features. Things like hover on elements other than a:hover.

Those are the major things I dislike about Internet Explorer. What other Internet Explorer oddities can you add to the list?

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