Internet Goals 2009 Recap

Last year I wrote a post outlining some of my Internet goals for 2009. I thought I should revisit that post again here in January 2010 and see how I did. Here were my Internet goals for 2009 and how I did.

  1. Posting more regularly, hopefully on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. If possible increasing posting frequency to five days a week. I was doing alright with this goal until summer came around, then my posting went downhill and has never really gone up again. While I still enjoy writing for this blog, other things seem to come up. In my defense I have been taking part more on Twitter and that is often where you will find me.
  2. Increasing RSS subscribers in the LGR Internet Solutions blog to 500 or more. Thanks to some stupidity by Feedburner it appears that I accomplished this goal having over 1000 subscribers. But if you take the Friendfeed numbers out of the Feedburner count my subscriber count has remained stable and grown slightly to 300. Not bad considering my posting dropped off.
  3. Diversifying my online income so it is more dependable and less reliant on one or two sources. This has seen some growth in 2009. While the majority of my online income is still from two main sources I have seen growth in other areas. The majority of the growth has come from diversifying my affiliate marketing into other areas. I have plans to expand this further in 2010.
  4. Increase page views and reader participation on all my websites. While I would say reader participation has not gone up, pageviews across the majority of my websites have seen significant increases. This has been good for income on several sites.
  5. To learn new skills and apply them. While I never did finish the Facebook application or the WordPress plugin I was working on, I did learn a great deal more about affiliate marketing in 2009. While I was not a total stranger to affiliate marketing before 2009 I did learn a great deal about how to improve conversions and increase my online revenue through affiliate marketing. Not something that I was planning, but it has been something that I have enjoyed learning.

Overall I would say that I failed on my 2009 Internet goals. I might have failed at my goals, but I had a great year! My business income doubled, despite a global recession, and my client base has remained stable with many of my client work increasing. 2010 is already looking great with work continuing to come in from clients and my affiliate marketing websites continuing to grow here already in January.

How did you do with your Internet goals in 2009?

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