iPhone3G Destroyed

I would usually post this video over at my Video Rambler blog, but the computer geek in me just feels I need to post it here. With the launch of the iPhone3G yesterday it seemed like everyone had some kind of post about the new iPhone. I admit the new iPhone looks very cool, but here in Canada there is only one huge problem with buying an iPhone. Rogers is the official carrier. With the fees Rogers will be charging for the new iPhone contracts you might as well sign over your first born to them. That is the number one reason I will never buy an iPhone.

If you are a Canadian and want to protest the high prices Rogers is charging for data for the iPhone I suggest you vote with your wallet, and simply don’t buy an iPhone and you switch your cell provider as soon as you can. Another way is to sign the petition over at RuinedIphone.com.

Since it is impossible to put Rogers in the Blendtec blender, the next best thing is to blend the new iPhone. I have to admit it looks like fun! Love the slow motion work on this video.

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