JenSense Google Referral Wishlist

JenSense has a great wishlist of things she would like changed in Google AdSense Referrals. It is a great list, and I have to agree with her points. I have only used Google AdSense Referrals a few times, but I got so frustrated with the back button that I just gave up. You would think that Google would make sure the back button works.

I have found it easier to find merchants at Commission Junction or Linkshare. Not to mention the fact that the majority of sales made through Commission Junction or Linkshare tend to be higher than the merchants in Google AdSense Referrals. I have yet to find a product or service I would want to promote from Google AdSense Referrals, the only exception is the Google Products. Google has some work to do before Google AdSense Referrals are as good as affiliate networks like Commission Junction or Linkshare.

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