Joomla Directory Component SOBI 2

I talked a little last week about Joomla. I have been doing more work this week on various Joomla sites for clients and myself and thought I would let you know about my favourite Joomla directory component SOBI 2. Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 (SOBI 2) is an addon to Joomla that makes it possible to run and manage a directory in your Joomla website. The core Joomla system offers a link component it is limited. SOBI 2 on the other hand has many features that makes it stand out from other directory components. You can use it strictly as a web directory or as a directory to physical locations, like golf courses. It has built in integration with Google Maps (API key from Google is required) and it has addition plugins available just for SOBI 2.

Some of the plugins to SOBI 2 include a rating and review and gallery plugin. They make it possible for you to create and run a complete rating and review directory where people can submit listings, submit reviews and upload photos. Even if you don’t run the community builder component SOBI 2 can allow people to build entire web pages about their listing.

You also have the option of making certain features of the listing paid for or free. You could make listings free but charge for links to the websites. You have the option to decide all of this when you setup and manage the component.

The biggest downsides I have found with the SOBI 2 component is there is no way to import an existing database. I have managed to import a directory onto SOBI 2 but then managing the imported entries can be difficult. Doing it one by one when they are submitted is much easier.

Overall SOBI 2 is my favourite Joomla directory component. If you are thinking of adding in a directory to your Joomla website take a look at SOBI 2. It might be just what you are looking for.

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