Joomla Extentsion - Mod HTML

There are times when you just want to add in a simple piece of Javascript in Joomla. While the default site module can handle HTML it can’t handle Javascript. Seems like such a simple thing, but if you want to just copy and paste your Google Adsense code, or Entrecard widget or any number of widgets and Javascript code into your Joomla website you should install the Mod HTML module. It is one of the the default modules I add to every Joomla website I work on. It not only makes adding advertising like Google Adsense easy to do it allows you to add in your own Javascript code. If you use Joomla to run your website take a look at adding the Mod HTML module. It will make adding that Javascript into the website much easier. Because it is not specific to any one advertising or program it is more flexible for all kinds of Joomla run websites.

Categories: web-software