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Phone girl. Found at:’t it be great if you could update your blog or Twitter or any number of web services you use everyday simply by talking into your phone. Well, now you can with Jott not only can you update sites like Twitter and your blog you can use Jott to send e-mails and reminders to yourself. Send e-mails and text messages to other individuals or even groups of people. But there are many interesting ways to use Jott the fact that you can use Jott to transcribe your voice to text and have it posted to your blog automatically is an exciting service.

It does take a little while to get the hang of Jott but it is very easy to use. Simply sign up for the service at only calls coming from your phone numbers you have registered will work. You can add multiple phone numbers to the service so you can Jott from your home phone, your cell phone and your work phone. Once you sign up I would experiment with this service a little by calling and then sending a Jott to yourself to get the hang of the service. If you need a hand they have a number of tutorials on how to use the service to send Jotts to individuals, groups and other web services like Twitter and of course most importantly your blog!

Jotts can only be approximately 30 seconds long. For creating a blog post it is best to actually Jott to yourself and put them together later instead of posting directly to your blog. That is how this post was created. I Jotted to myself several times and put the post together afterwards.

Jott can be used to not only help you post to your blog but also help you keep up with the great many ideas you have for your blog. Update Twitter, Google Calendar, send e-mails and a wide range of other web services. Jott could become your virtual assistant, helping you do many other tasks you do right now in front of your computer.

What are some ways you think you could use Jott in relation to blogging?

Note: The body of this post was created using Jott. The links and some punctuation were added and or corrected in under 10 minutes when I copied the text to Epiblogger.

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