Jott Promo Code

Ever since Jott left beta I have noticed an increase in traffic here of people searching for a Jott promo code to save a few dollars on their Jott subscription. I like Jott, don’t know if I will be signing up for Jott Pro quite yet. I just don’t use it that much, but if you are wanting to sign up for Jott Pro they do have a promo code to save you 26% off of your subscription for people that are current customers.

From the official Jott Blog:

Why don’t you have annual plans? In part because we wanted people to be able to try the other services for a month, see what works for them, and then make a decision. Since the demand for this has been so high, it’s definitely something we’ve been considering adding in as a base offering as well. Realizing that our current customers would probably want an annual subscription we offered them just that with a pretty big discount- by entering in your phone number as the promo code you can get a year subscription of Jott at 26% percent off. For those who would like Jott Pro, enter your phone number with a plus sign (+) before it for the same 26% off.

Hope that helps those looking for a Jott promo code. Happy Jotting!

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