Know Everything About a Website

I talked about how to find out what websites are running on the same server before. There tag line is “everything about a website” and the results are impressive.

The website does give you a lot of interesting information about a website. The results are broken down in to several categories: intro, popular, traffic, people, spotlight, company and technical. You can browse each section seperately or view them all on one page. While some of the data is not always correct it does come up with the correct information most of the time. My listing for example lists my contact information as being in Toronto Ontario. Not sure where it got that information from but it is obviously not correct.

While the information might not be totally correct Quarkbase can have its uses. First off it is fun! Who doesn’t want to know everything they can about some websites. Second, if you dabble in buying websites occasionally, like myself, Quarkbase can give you some interesting information about a site and how popular it is. I would not base my entire decision on the information from Quarkbase but it can’t hurt to have more information before purchasing a website. If you want to find out more about a website or more about your own give Quarkbase a try, at the very least you might find out something you did not know before.

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