La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham LAX Review

My family and I recently travelled to Los Angeles to take a Mexican Riviera cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. We had a great time and I will write more about our trip but I thought I would start with our pre-cruise hotel, the La Quinta Inn && Suites by Wyndham LAX. We flew into Los Angeles on a Friday and the cruise did not leave until Sunday. That gave us three nights to stay at the La Quinta Inn & Suites.

The Good

I had booked a double queen room and it was as I expected. Overall the room, bathroom and space was clean. A pretty typical double queen room.

One of the reasons we picked the La Quinta Inn & Suites over the Holiday Inn that is in roughly the same location was because of the free breakfast. We did not have high expections for the breakfast. We expected a simple breakfast, cold cereal, bagels, some fruit, etc. nothing fancy. What we got was a lot more. Breakfast was a full hot brunch. Scrambled eggs, sausage, fried potatoes along with cold cereal, bagels etc. It was a pleasant surprise on our first morning.

On the Saturday after a full day of exploring Los Angeles we came back to the hotel and did not get a chance to eat. We were tired of McDonald’s already so we thought we would order room service since none of us wanted to go out after being out all day. We ordered two pizzas from room service and they were great!

The Not So Good

I did not pay much attention to the listing on Expedia and got caught off guard that the rooms did not have in room safes. We did not have a great deal of items we wanted to keep safe but room safes are very handy and we missed not having one. We were pretty surprised that a hotel still does not have in room safes.

The majority of the staff that we interacted with were excellent, but there was one staff member that worked the front desk that was not. Unfortunately, she was the person that checked us in. She was distracted, had problems running my credit card, asked me the same questions multiple times. If she had been paying attention the first or second time it might not have taken as long as it did to check us in. She was our first impression of the hotel and honestly she had us worried about our stay after we first checked in.


We would stay at the La Quinta Inn & Suites again. It was close to LAX and was pretty central to the places we wanted to visit in Los Angeles on this trip.

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