Lazy Load Images to Improve Page Load Speed

Great images in your blog post is great for readers, but there is a catch to using lots of images on your site. All those images can slow down how fast your website loads. There are many different ways to speed up the load time of your WordPress website but an easy way if you use lots of images is to take advantage or lazy loading. Lazy loading images is essentially loading them on demand when the user needs them. If the image is place lower down on the page, load the page and then load the image when then user starts scrolling down to wear that image is. Here are some of the plugins I found that can help you set up your website to use lazy load images.

Unveil Lazy Load

Unveil Lazy Load This plugin only has one review but it sounds like it does what it is suppose to. No fancy stuff here just install it and it starts working. No settings to worry about, just a simple lazy loader. Is you want simply might be just the one you are looking for to speed up your website.

Simple lyteload

Simple lyteload You do have some settings for this plugin but mostly for settings styles if you want to do something special. Again pretty simple and the couple reviews rate it high.

Image Lazy Load

Image Lazy Load This plugin is new to the WordPress Plugin directory as of today, October 24, 2013. This plugin might be new but the developer has several other plugins.

Lazy Load

Lazy Load This plugin has the most reviews and many are positive. Appears to do what it is suppose to do.

These plugins are just one way to help speed up your WordPress powered website but can be very effective if you have a number of images on your website. If your site is still slow after using one of these plugins you could have other problems with your website that you might want to look into. Using a free tool like Pingdom Tools might help you to determine where the slow down in your website load times are.

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