LGR Internet Solutions Launches

Well it is official, I have now started operating as LGR Internet Solutions. With the move to Regina I wanted to shift the focus of my business from doing computer hardware and software support as well as Internet development to an Internet development company focusing on web and blog consulting and development. I thought it was appropriate to have a name change to highlight the shift in focus.

There have been a number of changes here at the website and the blog. The major change is that the blog is no longer on a subdomain and has been integrated into the rest of the website. As the blog has become more popular and with me doing more websites with blogs it made sense to combine the two on my website as well. I have added a redirect so people going to the old addresses are sent to the new urls. My search engine results should eventually transfer over to the new urls and I hope to not lose any of my search engine rankings. I have also redirected the RSS feed to the new location with FeedBurner so no one should be left out in the transition. I will be writing a few posts about the move and some of the things that I did to help make it a smooth transition from a subdomain to integrating the blog into my website for those that are thinking about doing that themselves.

There is still more to come and I am looking forward to adding more information on the website. If you have not visited the website in a while come and take a look at the new design.

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