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Many years ago I wrote a quick PHP script to help me create a simple HTML photo gallery from JPG images. I released it as LGR Photo and gave it away for free. It was a great little gallery and did what I needed it to do. I made it mainly for my own purposes but many others downloaded it and found it useful. I have been wanting to rewrite the script for quite sometime now, but it never seemed to make it onto the list of things to do. That being said I think it is time to simply retire LGR Photo.

If people are interested in using the script I will offer it here still for download. You are welcome to use it, rewrite it, play with it etc, but I can no longer offer support for it.

Download LGR Photo

If you want to know more about the script here is some information that I had up about the script.


LGR Photo Gallery is a photo gallery script written in PHP. The current version has the following features:

  • Easy Installation. A basic install on LGR Photo using the defaults should only take as long as it takes you to download it, unzip it, and upload it and some photos to your web server.
  • Uses the GD Libraries to dynamically create thumbnails from your photos.
  • Reads EXIF comment information from photos and displays the comment under the photo.
  • Next and Previous thumbnail images when browsing photos.
  • Table columns and rows adjustable.
  • Cascading Style Sheet used for presentation.
  • Easy to insert your custom header and footer files for complete web site integration.
  • Easy to insert into an existing web site. Allows for many different layout configurations.
  • Can use Javascript to pop open photos in a new window.
  • Creates albums from folder structure. Number of sub albums only limited by the operating system.
  • Not bloatware! Only two files for a quick and easy install. Perfect for home networks and to share photos with friends and family over the internet.
  • Simple slideshow component included with a basic install.
  • Valid XHTML and CSS in default install.
  • FREE! What more can you ask for.


The following are the requirements to run LGR Photo on your server/computer.

  • A web server that supports PHP.
  • Any operating system that can run a web server and PHP.
  • PHP Version 4.3.3 and up.
  • GD Libraries are required to create thumbnails.
  • EXIF support enabled if you want to display EXIF comment information.
  • Currently only supports jpg files.

To make LGR Photo blend in more with your web site you will need to have some knowledge of:

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Some time to sit and play with it.

18 thoughts on “LGR Photo Discontinued”

  1. Great script working like a charm for me, the search term “thumbnail preview script for images on web folder” brought me to this great script page, after starting my wallpapers site, for months i was searching for such a handy script which will give me thumbnail preview of my massive wallpapers collection, whom i just have on my server and not on my PC, i was unable to see the images unless i download them to my PC, now i can view all my collection via this great script, and add them after selecting the best ones, bundle of thanks
    you made my day.
    .-= Johnny´s last blog ..Yana Gupta Photo Gallery =-.

  2. I find your script very useful but I just have one question about it.

    How do I do if I want order the pictures in nummeric or alphabetical? My photos are named like:
    calella-09 (1).JPG
    calella-09 (2).JPG
    calella-09 (3).JPG
    calella-09 (4).JPG
    calella-09 (5).JPG
    and so on..

    But on the page the photos are ordered like this:
    calella-09 (1).JPG
    calella-09 (10).JPG
    calella-09 (11).JPG
    calella-09 (12).JPG
    calella-09 (13).JPG
    calella-09 (14).JPG
    calella-09 (15).JPG
    calella-09 (2).JPG
    calella-09 (3).JPG

    How can I rewrite the script so it is ordered how I want?

    Grateful Victor

    1. The PHP sort() function does it. You could try natsort() but I won’t guarantee it will work. You could also just add an extra 0 to your file names. So
      calella-09 (01).JPG
      calella-09 (02).JPG

      calella-09 (10).JPG

      etc, then it should sort the way you want.

  3. Just found LGR Photo and I would like to use it on my site with a vertical menu on left side of page and the photobody content part on right side of page starting at top of page. Is there any way of doing this? I have been playing with the code but can’t seem to get the content part to goto top of page as it stays below the lowest item of the vertical menu.
    Thanks for any help you could provide.

  4. A novice here !!!

    I have a small website with a folder full of images.

    can you help me with a step-by-step guide to have this running on my site ???

    1. There is not much to it. Place the script in the same folder as your images. To add a header and footer there are some instructions in the script.

  5. Hey! I e-mailed you moments ago with a question about PNG photos, but I thought I’d also leave a comment to let you know people are still benefitting from your script. It has made my life easier.

  6. Thank for this great script 🙂

    Is it possible to place the script in a different folder than the pictures?

    This because I have a cron job deleting files older than 5 days, this job will delete this great script too.

    Kind regards
    Peter Jensen – Denmark

  7. Fantastic script I’ve been using it for ages, I was wondering if there was anyway I could order files reverse numerically so instead of 1,2,3 it be 3,2,1??

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