LGR Quote Discontinued

I have been doing some more house keeping and have decided to discontinue LGR Quote. I discontinued LGR Photo a little while ago and can’t see any reason to keep LGR Quote around either.

If people are interested in using the script I will offer it here still for download. You are welcome to use it, rewrite it, play with it etc, but I can no longer offer support for it.

Download LGR Quote

If you want to know more about the script here is some information that I had up about the script.


This script inserts a random quote from a text file. Includes the ability to define the quote, a quote author, a hyperlink, and hyperlink text.

  • Easy Installation. A basic install on LGR Quote should only take as long as it takes you to download it, unzip it, define your quotes, add an include to your web pages and upload it to your web server.

  • Inline Styles used for presentation. Can be easily edited to fit with your website.

  • Easy to insert into an existing web site.

  • FREE! What more can you ask for.

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