Link Building is Dead

Let's make a deal photo found at: my last post I talked a little about SEO companies in Regina, or the lack thereof, and Marshal Finch left a comment basically saying there are no dedicated SEO companies in Regina. The best part about Marshal leaving that comment was that I went and visited his website and blog and I found this interesting post on how to build backlinks.

Marshal lists some good, basic backlink building strategies. I left a couple of comments with my point being that building backlinks now is no longer just about getting links wherever you can get them, but it is about building relationships with others to help build links. Directory listings are nice to get, especially if you can get into Yahoo, DMOZ or even the Best of the Web directories, but how much traffic will you get from them? Very little. I have some websites that are listed in each of those directories and the amount of traffic I see from any directory is less than ten since January. That is right, less than TEN referrals from any one directory.

Want to know what websites send the best and most traffic? Referrals from blogs and forums. Places that I have taken the time to build some relationships with, leave comments, and take part in the communities of those websites. Places where it was not just about me getting a backlink. I routinely get requests for link exchanges in my inbox, want to know what happens to them? Can you guess? They go straight into the trash.

Interestingly enough a few days after I read Marshal’s post there was a great post on SEOBook about this exact topic. Link Building: The Future Of Relationships. Building links back to your website is not just about getting that link, it is about building a relationship. About giving back. Being a webmaster or blogger is not just about pushing your own website. You need to be social, be an active participant of different social communities to help promote your website or blog.

Want a really good example of how to do that? I already gave you one at the start of this post, did you see it? Here is your chance to put it into practice. Leave a comment, subscribe to my RSS feed, follow me on Twitter, build a relationship and backlinks and visitors will follow.

15 thoughts on “Link Building is Dead”

  1. I agree that for the most part, link building on sites that dont send traffic is pointless – IE link building for + PR.

    I think that the best links are the ones that you spend time cultivating like on social sites and forums.

    Basically what I noticed is that the harder it is to get a link, the more traffic it will send you.

  2. Although blogs etc are important, they still have a lower value than a relevant site. Who knows how long this will be the case though with talk of Google changing their algorithm.

  3. I will agree that link building is getting harder these days, but there are a lot more link building techniques than just submitting to directories. From a white hat POV link baiting is probably the most effective.

    @Daniel while direct referrals from directories or wherever you happen to place links is nice, remember you can get much more traffic by using link building for PR building due to the increased keyword rankings that anchor text and PR afford you.

  4. Sometimes a different approach requires us to change our nomenclature. No matter how much we redefine the activities that occur with “Link Building”, it still always makes people think of link exchange or reciprocating links. Lately, we’ve simply been using “Off-Site Optimisation” to describe the set of activities that we perform to enhance a client’s popularity and reputation for their web site. It seems to help.
    Link Building

  5. Building links back to your website is not just about getting that link, it is about building a relationship. its just like a google but not providing such kind of facilities.

  6. I would agree with your comments on relationships link building. Placing comments and links back from discussion groups, blogs etc do seem to work. However so many of these groups have no follow tags associated along with the fact that the time involved with creating the high volume of links required to compete on high competitive keywords is stagggggggggering. Do you know of any “REAL” company or service or outsourcing “relationship link building” groups which offer manual link building? How about someone who really knows how to communicate in todays social media world?

  7. A lot of people focus solely on dofollow blogs. However many high quality and high traffic blogs are nofollowed and you may get valuable leads from posting comments there that do not necessarily translate into search engine luv.

  8. Hi,

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    Do these software tools get spotted by search engine and penalize a website?
    I am passionate about giving clients the best service possible and would like to know what is the quickest and most effective way to build a high page rank.

    I also heard someone say that page rank doesn’t have that much credibility anymore.

    Thanks for the valuable information.

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    Anyways, great web design and information.

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  9. I recently outsourced some link building and so far it seems like it was a waste of money. 3 weeks of full time link building from a company in Bangalore has resulted in a handful of free and useless directory links. Waste of time.

    Most likely not all link building companies are equal.
    .-= JonĀ“s last blog ..UK Retail Market Slows In September =-.

  10. I completely agree with you. I have clients asking for 2,000 links because they think that is the end all be all of SEO. Quite simply it is not. SEo has now become more about creating engaging content that creates links rather than just link building.

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