Making Search Social

Are you tired of the same old boring search results, with nothing but a search engines mysterious algorithm to guide you? If you are give the StumbleUpon enhanced web search a try, your search results will be enhanced with information from StumbleUpon.

socialsearch.gif The image above shows a typical enhanced search result from Google. Clicking on the StumbleUpon icon, star(s) and thought bubble will take you to the review page for that web page. Next you can see who submitted the page to the StumbleUpon index. Beside that you will also see the main tag that has been assigned to that web page.

In the last couple weeks that I have been using the StumbleUpon enhanced search I find my eyes are drawn to the StumbleUpon ratings and not just the web page titles and descriptions. Seeing a website that has four or five stars beside it makes me more interested in visiting. StumbleUpon has done what the search engines can not do. Provide human feedback about a website without altering the actual search. How long before we start to see Digg, Reddit and other enhanced search add ons for web browsers?

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