March Earnings in Review

I don’t usually post my earnings online, mainly because I don’t think I should have to post how much money I earn from my online ventures to prove to people how successful I am. March, however, was a particularly good month and I just wanted to brag a little. I am always seeing these “make money online” blogs and the reality is most of them make next to nothing. Why are people reading them? Anyways, I digress. If you want to know how well I do here are the numbers for March. This is not just from this blog but from several of my online ventures.

Text Links Ads: $110.50 (from only one site) Affiliate Sales: $1,562.20 Google AdSense: $1,954.40 Other Ads: $751.00 Direct Sales from Websites: $964.60 Grand Total: $5,342.7

That is just over a 30% increase from February. April should be even better since many of my sites are still going up in terms of users and traffic.

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