Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope that 2013 is a good one for you, your family and your business! Looking back on 2012 it has been an extremely busy one for me here at LGR Internet Solutions, although you might not notice that from the updates to the blog.

I have been busy with a number of client websites and it has been a good year for helping businesses and non-profits build, maintain and recreate their web presence. In fact as I look back I spent more time on clients websites this year than another year since I started in 2004! That is exciting and 2013 is already looking to be just as busy with several jobs booked to start in 2013.

There are also some other plans for 2013 coming from LGR Internet Solutions that I am excited about and will be announcing here as they are closer to being ready. I will let you know about one plan here for this website in 2013 will be to make it more accessible to clients with several enhancements including members only sections and content that is exclusive to clients to help them build and maintain their websites. This will be particularly useful for my clients using WordPress. This site will become a resource for you after you are done your WordPress training with me so you can remember all of the little details to maintaining your WordPress website.

On a personal note I do want to let you know I am feeling better after my accident in the fall. For those that were not aware I injured myself when I fell on some ice, and despite my best attempts it was difficult to work for many weeks because sitting was simply to painful. I am mostly recovered now and can once again sit and work, although I find I need to take more frequent stretch breaks to keep my back loose.

As a final note I wanted to share with you my favourite Nativity scene that decorates our house during the holidays. It is often hung before all of our other decorations and signals the start of our holiday celebrations.


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