Mobile Version Available

I recently bought a Motorola Milestone smartphone and I have been paying closer attention to mobile websites. I have talked about making a mobile version of your website available in the past but it has become increasingly more noticeable to me how important the mobile space is becoming.

Making applications seems to be all the rage but I am not sure who would use an app for an average website or blog. Sure sites like TechCrunch and CNET can probably create an app for the iPhone and Android phones and get a number of downloads but is it worth it for the rest of us? Probably not. Then there is the option to offer a customized mobile web version which is possible for the majority of websites.

I recently installed the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin to offer people using mobile browsers a more friendly experience. It certainly does offer a nicer version, and makes it easier for mobile web users to read the site.

The plugin uses the Carrington mobile theme. It is nicely designed and makes it easier for a mobile user to browse a website on their mobile device. I have not done any customization to the theme yet, but I plan on adjusting the colours and making the mobile version of the LGR Internet Solutions website match the full version a little more.

Making your current website more accessible to mobile users is something to consider for your website instead of making a stand alone application. It will allow you to provide a customized mobile experience for your mobile visitors while still providing your regular visitors your full website experience. It will also make it easier and cheaper to maintain since you will still only need to update only one website.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the LGR Internet Solutions website on the Android emulator.

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