Moola Distractions

I have to admit the holidays were great. Having a 4 and 2 year old is just so much fun to watch them open presents and get so excited. The other thing that was great about the holidays was a chance to spend a little time just goofing off. Yes, that is correct, I goof off occasionally.

Over the holidays I spent way to much time sitting in front of the computer playing Gold Rush. Never heard of it? It is one of the games that you can play over at Moola. If you have never heard of Moola I would be surprised. I got my invite to the site way back in October of 2006 but I did not spend much time on it then. Over the holidays I made up for it and spent way to much time there.

Moola calls itself a “Massively Multiplayer Rewards Game (MMRG)“. You sign up and they give you a free penny to start playing games. If you win a game you advance and can play at the next level. If you can win 30 games in a row you could win over $10,000.00. It sounds easy but considering the number of hours I played I never got higher than 9 wins in a row or roughly $5.00.

I have seen photos of cheques of people that have cashed out $300 to $400 dollars. I can only imagine how long they spent playing the games to get that high. If you want to give Moola a try they are still in beta so you need an invite to login. I have invites available and you can get one by going here and filling in your email address. It is fun to play so if you are looking for something to spend some time on besides writing or coding take a look.

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