More Microblogging! Plurk It?

It is hard to keep up with all of the new social media sites that keep popping up. A little while ago Friendfeed started to get a lot of attention. In the last few days a new site called Plurk has been the centre of attention.

Aside from another goofy name, Plurk is another microblogging platform, similar to Twitter. Some of the differences you will notice right away about Plurk is the timeline look to the updates. This presents an nice interface for following your friends because you can see when they actually posted their update. Aside from the timeline presentation, Plurk offers commenting on your friends updates. On Twitter you could reply at a person but the conversations could become scattered and hard to follow. On Plurk comments on any update are easy to see and take part in.

Plurk offers some unique features for microblogging, and considering how much Twitter has been down lately there are a number of Twitterer’s that have moved over, or perhaps are using both. I dislike having a tab open with Plurk on it all day long, I have other things to do, so I don’t know how often I will be using it. Plurk does offer an instant message interface with Google Talk and I have that open often during the day so I might try using that to update my status. I like the ability to use Twitter from my browser using Twitterfox and not needing to have a tab open to the site all day long. If Plurk can become convenient like that then I might be more inclined to use it. Unfortunately Plurk is already starting to suffer from down time. Probably from the rapid growth in the last few days.

Come and check out the Plurk and feel free to follow me.

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