Need Web Hosting?

For people starting out creating a website for either themselves or for their business understanding all of the little things there are to know about the websites can be difficult. Usually when I get a phone call from a potential new client the first questions they ask me are how much and how long will it take? This is understandable, people need and want to focus on their business, so unless their business is on the Internet they don’t often care about all of the little details. It is because of this that I offer to register domain names and setup web hosting on one of my servers. People want a one stop shop that they can go to to get what their website setup, instead of going all over the place.

Occasionally I do get asked about what web hosting companies I would recommend and I certainly don’t mind recommending people to other web hosts because I can easily work with most hosts out there. If you are interested in what hosts I recommend here are the two that I deal with on a regular basis. is the host that I have my dedicated servers with. I choose them for a couple of reasons. I wanted a Canadian web hosting company with servers in Canada. Their prices are very competitive and there support is very quick to respond to emails. I had a shared hosting plan with them before I started my company and moved up to dedicated servers after I started my company. I have been very pleased with their service and support. I must admit though that I don’t use their support services very often, simply because I have very few problems with the dedicated servers I have from them. also offers shared hosting. I was very happy with my shared account from them before moving up and it is very reasonably priced.

The other web host that I deal with regularly is Host Gator. I still have a personal shared hosting account with Host Gator and host multiple domains on the one account. I have been very pleased with their support and how quickly they respond. I just recently moved a couple of other domains and websites there because the web host that I had them on had taken two and half days to fix a problem. If you are interested in just starting up your own personal blog or starting your own Internet based business take a look at the Host Gator shared web hosting.

Of course, if you want to focus on your business or your blog and don’t want to deal with registering a domain on your own and finding web hosting and getting a designer and a programmer I would be happy to help you set it all up for you.

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