New Server Coming Online

You might have noticed I have not written much here lately. So much for keeping up with my goals for 2009 and posting three times a week. The main reason for being so quiet here on the LGR Internet Solutions blog is the fact that I have been busy getting a new server online and moving some accounts to that new server.

The new server is actually a replacement server for one of our older dedicated servers that hosts clients websites that has been running for roughly 4 years. I decided to replace that server with a new one since it has been maxing out the ram on that machine and websites were often taking longer to load. I have been slowing migrating sites to the new server and hope to have them all moved in the next week. If you have received an email from me about moving your site then your site will be moved this week.

The move has been seamless so far for the sites that have been moved. I have been moving one website at a time by creating a cPanel complete backup and uploading it to the new server and restoring it. There are faster ways to move several sites from one cPanel server to another but this allows me the opportunity to review the website move, make sure things are working on the new server and in the event that something does go wrong I will only have one website to fix at a time instead of all of them being down or inaccessible.

I hope to be done this week moving all of the websites and hopefully I can get back to posting here more regularly again. I have been fairly active on Twitter if you want to follow my tweets to know more about what is going on with me day to day.

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