Online Photo Editing - Snipshot

There has been a flurry of online applications being created lately. One of the areas that has been a little slower taking off is the ability to edit your photos online. My favorite online photo editing site is

You can easily upload a photo via the Snipshot website and then do some basic editing including resizing, cropping, rotate, enhance and adjusting the image. Once you have the image done to your satisfaction you can then download the image to your computer as a gif, jpg, pdf, png, psd or tif format. You can also specify a hi res version, but I have never actually tried a hi res version. You can also save the image to either Flickr or Webshots.

One if the features I like best about Snipshots is the Bookmarklet that works in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. After it is installed you can quickly upload an image from the web and edit it.

Here is a sample image of one of our cats. This is the photo before I uploaded it to Snipshot.

After a simple crop, brightening the photo up and sharpening.

I find Snipshots a very useful online application to quickly do some image editing. It has come to the rescue when I have been at clients offices and an image needs to be resized or quickly fixed.

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