Ontario Mortgage Online

Ontario Mortgage OnlineIt has been awhile since I blogged is one of my most recent web projects for Kimberly Lefebvre who is a mortgage broker in Ontario. When she got in touch with me about creating a new website and blog for her to help her promote her mortgage broker business in Ontario I was excited about the prospect of helping her with her project.

The site itself runs on WordPress and allows Kimberly to update the content of the pages easily. She is also able to run the blog herself and post new and interesting articles about buying houses, arranging your mortgage and the latest news in the housing and mortgage market in Ontario.

The domain name OntarioMortgageOnline.com was chosen to highlight Kimberly’s service area. She specializes in arranging mortgages in Ontario so if you are in the market for renewing or a new mortgage in Ontario, particularly in the Toronto area Kimberly would be glad to give you a hand. Having recently bought and sold a house and moved it is fresh in my mind how stressful it can be trying to find just the right house and arrange for a new mortgage and a mortgage broker can really help to let you concentrate on the many other details that need to be taken care of.

It has been a pleasure working with Kimberly on her website and blog and I look forward to working with her by giving her some search engine optimization tips, regular blog maintenance and watching as her site grows.

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