Peep a Server

YouGetSignal logoEver wanted to know what other websites are hosted on a server? Ok, most people probably don’t, but for the small majority of use that just have a desire to know these things there is a way. One of my favourite tools lately has been the YouGetSignal Reverse IP Domain Check. This tool does takes the IP address of a web address and searches for other websites that are known to exist with the same IP address.

Not only is the tool fun to use to see what other websites are on the same host as you, but for you SEO types out there it can give you an idea if there are websites on the same server as you that you might want to not be associated with. They might be spam sites, scrappers or possibly host adult material. You might also end up on blocking lists if one of the other sites on your server is blacklisted for sending out spam or doing other malicious things. Of course not everyone can afford their own dedicated server and shared hosting is an affordable way to host your website.

Aside from the SEO aspects of shared hosting, the tool is fun to use to see what other websites are on your server, and possibly how many. Try some of the bigger names like or to see what other sites might be hosted by them. For example a couple fun ones I saw for included and

Check out some of the other tools they have at YouGetSignal. The visual traceroutes that use Google Maps are also great to try. Do a visual traceroute to and you discover that my server is indeed located in Montreal Quebec.

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