Pepperjam Network

It has been a little while since I wrote “A Beginners Guide to Affiliate Networks”. Things have changed a little since I wrote that. eBay has launched its own partner network, AuctionAds was sold and of course there have been some other affiliate networks that have come online. It has been awhile since the Pepperjam network actually launched, but I have only recently started using them on some of my sites.

The Pepperjam network is different than many of the other affiliate networks. The first difference you can see is the types of ads you can create. You can create the typical ads that all affiliate networks offer and place them on your website, but Pepperjam also offers text based ads that are similar to other text based ads, such as Google Adsense. It is a simple process of selecting the partners that you want to include in the ad and placing the code in your website. It is a great way to swap Pepperjam ads into your existing ad spots that you might already have other ads in already. Now adding affiliate ads is as easy as adding a contextual system like Google Adsense.

Here is a sample of a Pepperjam network ad.

You can easily save the ad and edit it later. It would be nice if you could edit the ad and have the changes happen automatically without adding the new code again, but overall it is a great system.

Finding partners to promote is also easy to do. When you first login as an affiliate you are presented with the latest programs that have join Pepperjam and the top performing programs on the network. You can also search through the Find Partners section by category and keywords. You can also narrow your search by CPA and revenue share offers. Compared to some affiliate networks, finding programs to promote on Pepperjam is one of the easier tasks to do.

Perhaps the nicest feature of the Pepperjam network is the Pepperjam Store Builder. Similar to an Amazon Astore in someways, the Pepperjam Store Builder allows you to add your partner sites products as a store right in your website. In four simple steps you can embed your partners products right in your website so your visitors can shop right from your website instead of leaving right away. The code can even be optimized for pasting into a blog to make it easy to add a store into a blog post. Here is a store I made for RatFink tshirts.

The Pepperjam network also offers its own affiliate program that you can join to help promote the network. They offer new affiliates a $10.00 signup bonus and even offer bloggers an incentive to write and promote the program (Note: this post is not a part of the Pepperjam blogger incentive program, but the post does contain affiliate links). If you are thinking of checking out a new affiliate network I would suggest you give the Pepperjam network a look. They have a lot of interesting partners to promote and some new and inventive ways for affiliates to help promote them.

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