Personal Blogging

IrresistibleI hesitate to post this today with it being April Fools Day and so many jokes being played on the Internet today, but I will post it anyway. I wanted to announce that I have joined the realm of being a personal blogger. I have always resisted being a personal blogger, but it has been on my mind ever since I posted that I purchased

For those that are wondering I decided to use one of the free WooThemes called Irresistible. It is a nice theme and offers several nice options including the ability to change the colour scheme with only a couple clicks. I liked it because it had the LifeStream option built into the theme.

Topics I will be talking about over at will include more personal ones and not much to do with web development and web or blog consulting. I am sure I will talk about some computer and Internet related topics occasionally (since I already have). I don’t plan of having a regular posting schedule and it could go days or weeks without being updated or it could be updated everyday depending on what I am doing at the time. You are welcome to join me and take part in the conversation over there as I talk more about what it is like to be a husband, dad and a geek.

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