Pictures in Google Earth

I really enjoy using Google Earth, as many of you probably do as well. One if the things I enjoy most about Google Earth is looking at the photos that people have uploaded through Panoramio. They usually show up as blue dots on Google Earth.

Back in January I submitted a few photos I took around town and that the Town of Rosthern gave me. I am happy to say that the photos were accepted into Google Earth and you can now see them. I have plans to submit several more of my own photos and photos of the Town of Rosthern to give people a sort of virtual tour of our town.

You can also view YouTube videos in Google Earth, and people can watch them as they browse through Google Earth.

While adding your photos and YouTube videos to Google Earth might not bring you much traffic to your website, it is another way for you to help get your name or brand out there so people see it. That can be very useful if your website has a geographical component. I know I will be exploring these options more in the coming months.

Besides that it is just fun to see your stuff in Google Earth!

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