Pods Framework for WordPress

Pods Framework for WordPressI have been really busy this last week so did not get much time to write a post but I wanted to let you know what I have been working on. I have a architecture client that I am moving their current site into WordPress. That is not all that uncommon, but what is interesting about the project is their desire to put a large number of their projects on their website. Most architecture firms only pick a few of their best projects and leave the rest off.

Moving their portfolio online is a priority for them and it needed to be done in a way that allowed them to not only edit the individual items in their portfolio but also allow them to add new projects and new information for older projects. At the very beginning of the project I knew that custom post types was the best way of helping them get their portfolio online but hand coding the custom post type, extra fields and custom taxonomies would work for me but the client also wanted to be able to add additional extra fields and content. I had to find some way of allowing them to not only add and edit the content but the structure as well.

I finally found the Pods Framework for WordPress. Not only did the Pods Framework for WordPress give me an easy to use system for adding the custom post types for their portfolio, it also allows the architectural firm the ability to extend the custom post types and custom taxonomies themselves. Their new website has not officially launched yet, but they have already added an extra field type to their portfolio projects.

Here is their demo video that shows you some of the power available by using the Pods Framework for WordPress.

I have only touched the surface of what the Pods Framework for WordPress can do but I can see it being an incredible resource for future projects. Have you used the Pods Framework for WordPress? What WordPress websites did you use it with?

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