Problogger Interviews Aaron Wall

If you have been building websites for a little while you have probably heard of Aaron Wall. He wrote a popular search engine optimization book called, appropriately enough, SEOBook. If you are interested in SEO at all I would recommend reading through Aaron’s ebook. It is the only ebook I have bought that was actually worth the money. If you are interested in buying the book you can pick up a copy over at SEOBook. Be sure to read Aaron’s blog as well, it is another one of the blogs I check in my RSS reader on a regular basis. He has some good insights.

On to Darren Rowse interview with Aaron. You can read part one and part two over at Problogger. The question and answer that jumped out at me from the second part of the interview was “What’s the best link building strategy you ever used?” The short version of Aaron’s answer “Creating free software and giving it away.” Sounds a lot like what I was saying in What I Learned from McDonald’s about Getting More Links.

Head over to Problogger and enjoy the read.

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