Domain Name Registration

There are some companies that just make me shake my head. One is the Domain Registry of Canada. I have been trying to get a domain name transferred away from them for a client, not because they are a bad registrar, they are simply too expensive.

It is common practise to need an authorization code to transfer a domain name to a new registrar, I understand that, but I have never had to actually call to get an authorization code. Not only that but when you do call they then send you a security code that you need to reply to to get the authorization code. They don’t send you the authorization code right away, that would be to easy. Of course when you call to have them send the security code, they ask questions like “Why do you want to transfer this domain name?” Easy, your company charges to much, besides it is really none of your business!

While I was looking around the website I came across this page entitled ”5 Web Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know” by Larry Kutscher the CEO of Here are a couple of his tips that I just had to laugh at:

  • Take Pride in Customer Service - No matter how big or small your company, the importance of good customer relations directly impacts success and the web offers some great new ways to provide great service to your customers. Some services to consider implementing include: dedicated service inquiries email, live online chat, and posting easily accessible FAQs on your site.
  • Staying Competitive in Tough Economic Times - There are plenty of proactive and cost effective ways to manage your business during tough economic times. The cheapest and most effective way to reach your customers is through the Internet. Think about using your upcoming government tax credit to help optimize your website and be more competitive. More and more consumers are turning to the web for answers - so make sure you’re out there!

Take Pride in Customer Service - Perhaps you need to try transferring a domain name away from your company and see how well your customer service is? You do realize there are companies that don’t require customers to call to get an authorization code?

Staying Competitive in Tough Economic Times - Have you looked at your prices? $35.00/year to register a domain name? You know it is not the 1990’s anymore right? Here is some real good advice for small business owners. Don’t register your domain name at! Check out GoDaddy or Namecheap. GoDaddy charges $9.99 for a new domain name. Namecheap is currently charging $9.29. You could register three domain names for what wants to charge you for one. There is one thing he is right about in his tips about staying competitive in tough economic times. Consumers are turning to the web for answers, and the answer they are going to find is that charges to much for domain name registration.

I am sure we will eventually get the domain name transferred away from and my client will be able to save some money and have more control over their domain name. Perhaps it is time for to enter the real world if they want to compete.

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