Rest in Peace

Yahoo’s stupidity continues with news that they are closing down Delicious. While not making many headline lately Delicious was a fantastic service that allowed people to bookmark websites so you could access them anywhere. I used to use Delicious regularly to save sites that I would find so I could access the bookmarks from anywhere. The mere fact the Yahoo is closing down a service that was used by millions regularly giving them a database of website bookmarks with tags is astounding to me. How could they not find a way to make money with this service shows how poorly Yahoo had and is being run.

Of course if you use Delicious you are now going to have to export all of your bookmarks to use on another service. Search Engine Land already has a roundup of 10 alternatives that you can switch over too and a good place to start if you want to maintain your bookmarks in the cloud. One service that is not mentioned is Xmarks. While Xmarks is not the same as Delicious, it does provide you with the ability to sync your bookmarks across web browsers, and access your bookmarks over the web from any web browser. Xmarks also had a close call with closing down recently but have been acquired by LastPass so they will be around for a little while longer. At least if Xmarks does close down you will not have to worry about exporting your bookmarks since they will already be one your computer.

I wonder how long until Yahoo closes down Flickr? Course maybe someone could help out my buddy Rhett raise some money to buy it from Yahoo and make it work.

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