Review Dropbox

Over two years ago I signed up with Dropbox and wrote a quick little review of it. Since then I have gotten constant comments on that post of people wanting to increase their Dropbox referral space by leaving their Dropbox referral code. At one point it got so bad I just finally turned off comments on the post and the flood stopped.

It would not have been so bad if people had actually left a short review of what they liked or did not like about Dropbox, but often it was just a short blurb like:

Sign up with my code and get extra space!

Well, last week I had an idea so I took a couple hours and created Review Dropbox. It simply is a place where people that are interested in Dropbox can come and read reviews by other Dropbox users.

Current Dropbox users can leave a short review of the service and in return their referral code is placed in a referral lottery and when someone clicks through to Dropbox one of the referral codes are used.

The site has already started to get some visitors and clicks through to Dropbox. If you are a Dropbox user already come and leave a review and your link. If you don’t use Dropbox come and read some of the review and click through to get and extra 250mb of space free. At the very least you can use your Dropbox account to help backup your blog.

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