Safari Blocking Google Analytics

If you do a search on Google for “safari blocking google analytics” you will probably find a lot of posts like the following:

As mentioned above, Safari does not block Google Analytics. You can still still see your website analytics.

Jun 3, 2022

No, Safari 14 (or any other version of Safari) will not block Google Analytics from loading and running on a website.

June 24, 2020

Let me inform you that those posts are wrong and Safari as of October 2022 appears to be blocking Google Analytics from logging data.

Running some year end reports from Google Analytics in Google Looker Studio on some of my websites clearly shows that Safari traffic is pretty much nonexistent. There is traffic from Safari doing some log analysis but not that Google Analytics is recording.

Safari Blocking GA

If you have been seeing a dramatic drop in your pageviews and other statistics using Google Analytics check to see if your Safari reporting is being blocked. The good news is it appears so far that Google Analytics 4 data collection does not appear to be affected only the original Google Analytics. A good reason to switch over before the New Year if you can.

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