Sasktel, Packing, Moving and Top Ten

It has been a very hectic week here getting ready for the move to Regina. Not a lot of extra time to post on the blog. Not only have I been busy packing but Sasktel my Internet provider apparently cut my Internet service off 11 days early. After trying to call their technical support when I had time and being on hold for over three hours I was told I would have to call sales to get reconnected. Sales was very nice but my Internet connection at home has been off since August 1st and at this point I see no point it having it turned back on since I have to finish packing my office in the next day or so. My experience of Sasktel technical support was less than stellar. In fact they were pretty much useless, looking for the easiest way to get me off the phone instead of actually trying to solve the problem. The long and the short of it is I will be switching Internet providers once I am moved to Regina.

Despite Sasktel cutting me off and being useless to hook me backup so I can get some work done this week the people at Rosthern Junior College were very nice to let me use their computer lab for a few days to get some work done for clients. They even had a Ubuntu Linux machine I could work on! It was almost as good as being in my own office. I even learned a little about Netatalk and how to network a Ubuntu Linux computer to a Mac network.

While I am busy moving my office to Regina I thought you might like to take a look through some of the more popular post here on my webmaster blog. Don’t forget to look through the archives as well, there is some great posts in there, in my humble opinion, even if they are not the most popular.

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I will try and post some short updates to my Twitter page during the move. If you are on Twitter feel free to follow me and keep up to date with what I am doing.

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